Highlights; The Journey

Highlights 24"x 32" Mixed-media / Pastel, Charcoal & Conte' Framed (white) The Artists journey through symbolism. $5500.oo matted & framed in white

Highlights 24″x 32″ Mixed-media / Pastel, Charcoal & Conte’  
The Artist’s journey through symbolism. Ltd Ed. Prints $500.oo matted & framed in white

‘Highlights; The journey’ is a collage of symbolism portraying life experiences that enlightened & directed me through my spiritual journey; starting w/ a self portrait looking back… and finishing with a glimpse of the future.

All who see this work can hardly take their eyes off of it, with so much going on and brings up so many questions that even the viewer has to ask within himself. It conjures up feelings of fantasy & awe as we all have our own way of deciphering symbolism that relates to our up bringing, experiences, culture & beliefs.

24″x 32″ Mixed-media / Pastel, Charcoal & Conte’, Prints $500.oo matted & framed in white. No biography could ever compare to what the soul reveals through art as it is rich in symbolism, often even more so than the artist themselves are aware of. This rendition is incomplete to save its originality from online pilfering. Original not for sale. 

Custom Spiritual portraits start at $2.500.oo.

All rights reserved by the artist. ⓒ


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