Milky way multiverse

Finished July 2012, measures 36″ x 48″. This is an amazing piece for stargazers. The purple hue I mixed myself to achieve the changing effect of the painting. During the day it shows all its beauty in full color; several hues of violet, purple, blue & white with planetary specks of red, green & more violet, and as night falls watch the colour wash away leaving you with a natural nights sky in your home.

Its been embellished to add more mystery of the cosmos with pearl & black 1/2 spheres; perhaps stars, planets & black holes.. as well as adorned with 1/2 sphere crystals which mirror their surroundings representing the possibility of a multiverse which finds their way through the blackness of space and reflect as stars. Portals in which each reflects from different angles & different possible outcomes.


The painting done old school style of splatter brush technique for its natural application has been meticulously layered and choreographed to what you see here. The effects have been brought around to all edges & I’ve added several textural elements adding even more depth and interest.

$1800.oo Canvas over 1- 1/2″ deep stretcher bars


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