Serenity (Beauty is in the love)

Awesome update!! I painted this for a show, but the paint was barely dry and this lovely is sold! I sold it for the commission I would have made on it, because the buyer was so excited over it and that felt like being paid a $1000/hour.

‘Serenity’ I swore I would never do a cherry blossom painting, they always seem so forced in paintings, but now after doing 2 of them I can tell you… The repetition is enough to drive you mad but oddly oxymoronic they are so relaxing to paint when you succumb to the process; and because the image has to be painted over and over it leaves an imprint in your mind so when you close your eyes you are still gazing on these little beauties.

I started this painting oddly with no intent on painting cherry blossoms, all I wanted was to do an inspirational piece with a gold faux background. When the faux came out so brilliantly it reminded me of how I see the sky at times, not that its really gold but just being in the presence of it was golden; if you know what I mean. From there it just seemed natural to do the serenest flower I could think of. I recommend painting cherry blossoms to anyone who needs a lesson in silence, life, living in the moment.. all of which they symbolize in Chinese culture.

8″x 8″x 1.5″ Acrylic on canvas, $SOLD


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