Moon Blossoms

Moon Blossoms is a mixed media piece that is viewable from 2 perspectives. The tree view (shown) & the branches view (when turned on its side). The tree view has a whimsical underwater feel as the branches reach out to the right side as if carried away by current or wind. The branches view is a close up look of the blossoms as they cascade naturally towards the ground.

I started ‘Moon Blossoms’ last year, then set it aside for inspiration to manifest. I’ve brought it out several times to consider which way to take it to finish, but it just wasn’t ready. Until last week that is, when I came across the spheres in my crafts supplies and things started to click and the inspiration came pouring out. Timing & importance is everything in conceptual art. And as time had passed almost one full year of moons, it seemed apropos to reflect that time in its make up and title.

I added pearl 1/2 spheres in 3 sizes and small crystal spheres & stones. Each pearl and crystal is meticulously placed, glued and painted in place and the effect is shimmering light that reflects the glow of the moon as it would on any true white blossom in nature. The spheres represent maturity and curvature of each blossom and the light & dark plays around the sides of the canvas for added interest and pop appeal.

Moon Blossoms, Acrylic & plastic on canvas. 8″X 8″X 1.5″ $175.00


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