So you like Art & Books!

Added a couple photos of the inside of the book, hope you love them! 
Check this out!


I’ve combined my love for writing with my love for unique artworks.
This book is more than a book of poetry, it is a work of art; my art. Each page watermarked with the flower of life designed for more interest. Each chapter headed with a digital version of a painting, photograph, or drawing, enhances the artistic aesthetics of the book. It is a definite must have for collectors of art and books and makes a great gift for readers of all ages.


Aside from several styles of haiku, the book also includes long haiku, a style I created myself. The poetry ranges from literal to conceptual interpretations. With haiku there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Large print in italic font for added beauty and easy reading. The book is available on Amazon around the world. And every time the book sells 100 copies I will be raising the price, so get yours while you can still get it at this introductory price.


Please click on the book for more information, thank you!

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