Art School homework

This project was motivated by artist Stuart Semple in episode 6 on Intellectual Property , on Art School on facebook. See the episode for yourself here …

In it he asked among other things that we use another Artists work in our own and this is what I came up with.

I chose to do a conceptual piece for this project because even though I’ve taken inspiration from many artists I have never used another artists work in mine, and this style allows me to use the work without directly influencing it and still make a statement.

The work is titled ‘Schrodinger’s Art’. But because I’m still hunting down all the components and have to work out any bugs that may arise, I am proposing it to you in theory…

As with ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’ theory, all the components needed to complete the project are in the box, and only if circumstances play out in a specific way will the original artwork be changed. Each viewer may hope for or surmise a different outcome, but until the box is opened there is no certainty and all possibilities exist.

The artwork I’m using is titled ‘YES’ by Stuart Semple. Hanging vicariously from the box’s lid are paint filled balloons. On the bottom of the box lies the artwork and tacks; this may change during construction, but the concept remains.

Intellectual property is an ambiguous law that does more harm than good and we all play along with it to some degree. I hope that if this project is a success it will make this statement in a profound way.

Thank you.


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