Welcome! My name is Holly and I am a conceptual & inspirational artist and writer.

I was born in Prince George and raised in and out of logging camps throughout the province of BC. This gave me a unique and organic up bringing. With limited supplies at my disposal, I learned to rework nature and recycle from what I could find lying about; often getting me in some trouble as I claimed anything and everything in the name of art.

In high school I took every art and craft course I could and subsequently graduated from grade 12 art in the 10th grade. After being pulled aside by a counselor and informed that the school couldn’t offer me anymore classes in the arts, I decided to forgo my education and continue art studies at the College of New Caledonia, and classes offered by community centers and adult education programs where I got a taste of life studies and installation work. To further my growth in the arts I often take on new materials and methods as well as travel extensively;  I watch, learn, and feel each country/city has its own life and it is greatly due to the arts.

My sculpting and carving skills proved to do me well while I spent 17 years as a highly sought after dental ceramist. Also during this time I managed to keep busy as a conceptual and freelance artist; doing various creative projects from fine arts to crafts, and decorating where I handmade and decorated for weddings and themed parties. Later while running my gallery I developed my skills in event planning to include community events and art openings.

I continue to find new medias and techniques to explore as well as new ways to expand my work in abstract, conceptual, photography, drawing, & painting.

“It is the natural progression of a multi-media artist I think”, “to first find the way everything interacts and then mess with it in a way that still reflects its original state but is allowed to excel into something new and interesting”.

STATEMENT: “My poetry & art tend to lean more to the metaphoric & abstract, they are meant for those who like to contemplate and have a need to experience themselves, our surroundings, & others deeper. And those who get it, love it. My articles & inspirational writings are lucid, they appeal more to the direct consciousness of people and I’ve been told I write with passion and honesty. Its my hope to make people happy and give them a sense of belonging through all my artistic endeavours. I receive inspiration for my work from art, nature, current events & life; mine & others.” 

All Original Artworks are protected by copyright under the artist originality & fixation acts.


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